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Please share this site with others you know who would be interested in the tips, tricks, techniques, and kit plane advice provided on this web site.  If you have found this site useful, then so will your friends and fellow experimental aircraft enthusiasts.  And sharing the site will be very helpful to me by sending me more readers.  Every link helps!

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If you have your own web site or blog, you can link directly to this site.  Choose one of the following formats and copy the HTML code directly into your site page.  These two examples link directly to the home page.  These examples also have your visitor open my home page in a separate window, so your page is still there.

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Kit Plane Advice. Want some help with customization decisions? Are you stumped by some part of your instructions? Maybe you just want to get some ideas? The kit plane advice you are looking for is here.

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Kit Plane Advice

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