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Flap Arm Cover

I developed a simple flap arm cover plate because I didn’t like the way the Flap Motor Arm showed through the F-860C-L aft armrest.  I didn’t want it to bother the passenger in the rear seat.  The sharp edge of the flap position sensor may cut their arm, or it might leave a grease mark on their clothing.  It just didn’t look finished.

Flap motor arm cover 

So I came up with a very simple cover plate.  I started with poster board to get the shape I wanted.  Then I cut and bent some scrap aluminum.  The thickness really doesn’t matter, as it isn’t structural; just make it thick enough not to get bent by someone’s elbow.  The F-876 aft cabin cover is .025, so that should be plenty thick for the cover.

Cover plate diagramThe left edge has a little lip to give that edge some strength.  It fits tight against the F-807 bulkhead.  The same is true for the forward, outboard edge.  It has a little lip that fits against the skin.  So if you looked at the cover from the top or bottom, it looks like this.

Be careful of the order you make the bends—you don’t want the break to be in the way for the next bend.  I found I could do the forward, outboard bend first.  Then by inserting the aft end into the break, I could make the forward, inboard bend and the outboard lip didn’t interfere.  Then I pulled the cover out enough to do the aft bend.  Again, the forward part of the cover did not interfere.  I used a hand seamer to make a small bend on the bottom tab to make it lay flat with the F-860C-L armrest.

I drilled matching holes at the bottom and used the same two screws that secure the F-876PP-L aft cabin cover panel.  At the top, I drilled two holes in the F-887-L upper longeron and secured platenuts to the back of my cover.

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