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Canopy Stop

Canopy stop in hooked position

I saw one of these canopy stops (sometimes called a canopy arrestor) at an airshow and knew it was the perfect solution for keeping the canopy partially open.  I wanted a stop with the canopy open only a few inches so I could get some fresh air on the days that weren’t blistering hot.

Front canopy stop
Front Stop
Rear canopy stop
Rear Stop
And I wanted another stop that placed the canopy where I could comfortably reach it while strapped into the front seat.  This would allow me to set the canopy, then strap in, start and taxi with the canopy open, and still be able to close it.  So I bought two hooks instead of just one.

Installation was very straight forward.  A couple of bolts hold the lower hooks to the canopy sill.  The arm installed even easier.  I just swapped the shorter AN 3 bolt for a longer one, and put it together.

Canopy stop with arm freeThe arm swings free with gravity doing all the work.  With the canopy closed, the arm falls below the lip of the hook.  When you open the canopy, it will slide along the lip and right over the hook (as in this picture on the right).  This is good for emergency or quick exits.

When you want to engage one of the stops, just slide the canopy until the arm is aft of the hook, and then pull it forward.  The arm will be facing aft and engage the hook, holding the canopy open (as in the picture at the top of the page).  It couldn’t be any simpler!

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