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Initial Kit Plane Registration

The initial kit plane registration process was not as bad as I initially thought it would be.  There are only three forms to fill out, but the process does take a little time.  Let’s take a look at the forms.

NOTE:  If you haven’t reserved your custom N-number already, check out my article on how to reserve your custom N-number before you fill out the rest of the paperwork.

AC Form 8050-1

AC Form 8050-1

Unfortunately, you can’t download this form.  You have to use an original.  It was easy to get, however.  I just called the local FSDO, and they sent me a couple of forms.

There are several places throughout all the paperwork for your name, the aircraft serial number, etc.  Make sure they are all filled out exactly the same way every time.  This will make life a lot easier.

The address has to be a physical address, no P.O. Boxes.

After you fill the 8050-1 out, keep the pink copy for your records.

AC Form 8050-2, Bill of Sale

AC Form 8050-2

If your aircraft is from a kit, you have to get the manufacturer to send you a bill of sale.  One quick call to Vans, and mine was on the way.

If you don’t get one from the manufacturer, you should use the AC form 8050-2.  Other forms are allowed, but why make things complicated?  Use the form they are accustomed to seeing.

Download an AC 8050-2 form here Adobe pdf file).

The only change you have to make is to cross out “AIRCRAFT” and write “KIT” at the top, as you see in the example above.  If you don’t have a reserved N-number, leave that block empty.

AC Form 8050-88, Affidavit of Ownership

AC Form 8050-88

I initially thought I could make up my own serial number on this form, but Vans assigned one on the bill of sale they sent me.  Again, make sure all the information on all the forms match.

This form has to be notarized before you send it in.

Download an AC 8050-88 here (Adobe pdf file).

Submit the forms

All that is left is to send it all in.  Send the 8050-1, -2, -88 and the $5 registration fee to the FAA at:

Federal Aviation Administration, Aircraft Registration Branch, AFS-750
P.O. Box 25504
Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0504

It took a little over a week to get my paperwork back.

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