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Custom Kitplane Modifications

The beauty of experimental airplanes is that we can make custom kitplane modifications without having to go through all of the FAA hassle required by Type Certificated Aircraft.  We can just make a change, or bolt in an add-on because it makes sense, or just makes us happy.  No Form 337 to fill out, no field approval from the local FSDO, no hassle at all.  You have to love it.

The Vans kits are very good, so there are very few things that I wanted to change.  I wasn’t happy with the location of the throttle, so I made my own throttle quadrant.  I also wanted the push to talk on the throttle, so I made my own throttle controls.

There were two spots in the rear cockpit that I felt were unfinished, and needed a little something extra.  I didn’t like the way the flap actuator showed above the armrest, so I made a panel to cover it.  The second thing was that big hole in the floor for the rear stick. I really didn’t like it, and thought it could be a potential hazard.  If something got dropped down there, it could jam up the controls, ruining a great day of flying.  So I made a cover for the rear stick hole.

Although this next one isn’t technically a part of the aircraft, I do use it every time I fly.  In my never-ending quest to find something better and cheaper, I came across this ANR headset modification.  I also found a way to convert my headset to stereo for use with my MP3 setup.  I’m still looking for that perfect small headset for the wife.

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