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My Big Bear Chopper

I did a lot of searching on the web for rolling chassis and kits, and settled on the Big Bear Chopper. This was really a fun project to build.  I had never built a bike before, so was a little apprehensive.  They had a look that I liked, and the price for the entire kit was less than I would have paid had I bought a rolling chassis and separate parts to finish.

My Big Bear Chopper

I liked the look of The Sled, but knew it was too long for me.  So I got the Venom kit and swapped out the sheet metal for the Sled parts.  

This is a well-designed kit!  Everything is there.  I mean everything.  Every nut and bolt is included, there were no surprises, no missing brackets that had to be bought separately.  

It comes with a DVD that explains how everything goes together.  So building it was easy too.  I bolted the parts together the first time to ensure everything fit.  The rear fender took a little persuading to get it to fit nicely to the mounts on the swing arm.  I had to stretch the down tubes on the handlebars to align them with the holes in the triple tree, and I had to do a little modifying of the seat because I wasn’t using standard Venom parts.  I also added a little piece of metal to the back of the tank to make it flow instead of just stopping short of the seat.

Then I pulled everything apart and sent it out to the painter.  When the frame came back, I spent about a week installing the wiring.  This was probably the hardest part, but still doable.  The DVD gives good direction, and all the electronic components come with directions.

Then it was a matter of bolting the rest together, and I was ready to ride.

Big Bear Choppers has a help line that you can call if you have any questions.  The couple of times I called, they were real helpful and friendly.  They answered my question and I was right back into building.

Tell them I sent you.


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